The Mission of the Hyde Park Historical Society (HPHS) is to:

  • Record Hyde Park’s history
  • Preserve selected artifacts and documents of that history for exhibition and research
  • Promote public interest in Hyde Park and preservation of its history
  • Educate and involve individuals and groups in an appreciation and understanding of Hyde Park’s Heritage.
  • In support of this mission, the society hosts programs and exhibits, maintains an archive, publishes a newsletter and a bulletin, and maintains a web site. The society is active in local preservation efforts, in conducting oral history interviews, and supports city-wide history initiatives. The society provides responses to written, emailed, and phoned inquiries on topics related to Hyde Park and provides referrals in response to other inquiries.
  • The HPHS includes the township of Hyde Park. The Hyde Park Township borders are 39th Street on the North, State Street on the West, Lake Michigan & the Indiana State Line on the East, and 138th Street & the Calumet River on the South.