Hyde Park Book Club Presents, Challenging the Daley Machine: A Chicago Alderman’s Memoir, and Chicago Afternoons with Leon

Join us for a discussion of the legendary 5th Ward alderman, attorney, and author Leon Despres (1908-2009). An independent leader in a city dominated by a political machine, Despres was a staunch defender of civil and human rights in an era fraught with turmoil.

During the course of his long and distinguished political career, Mr. Despres set the standard for a positive, ethical, and effective approach to politics still held in esteem.

He, with his wife Marian, was an architectural preservationist struggling (or fighting) to keep Chicago’s legacy intact. He was also one of the founders of the Hyde Park Historical Society. His presentation on his 80 years in Hyde Park can be found here.
Joining the discussion are Leon’s long-time law partner, Tom Geoghegan (above left) and Leon’s son, Bob Despres (above right).