Hyde Park Book Club 
Monday, February 15, 2021
7:30pm Via Zoom

Bette Howland (1937-2017):

In 1968 Bette Howland, a divorced, single mother of 2 boys and a struggling author took an overdose of sleeping pills and was admitted to the University of Chicago psychiatric ward (W-3).

W-3 is a memoir of her experience, originally published in 1974 and newly republished in 2021. Bette went on to become a MacArthur Fellow in 1984 and was a close friend and mentee of Saul Bellow. Her story and published works were largely forgotten until editor Brigid Hughes discovered W-3 in 2015.

Bette’s sons, Frank and Jacob Howland will be present to discuss the book. Brigid Hughes, representing the publisher A Public Space, will join the conversation.

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