Statue of the Republic, Jackson Park (photo by Julia Bachrach)


Renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted was unimpressed when he first laid eyes on what would become Chicago’s South Park. But despite his initial trepidation, he produced a magnificent original plan for the 1055-acre green space. This presentation explores the ways in which natural features, Olmsted’s philosophies about society, the World’s Fair, recreational needs and expectations, and collaborations with architect Daniel H. Burnham helped him shape Jackson Park during its various phases.

JULIA S. BACHRACH is the author of The City in a Garden: A History of Chicago’s Parks. She served as historian and preservationist for the Chicago Park District for 28 years and currently teaches classes, leads tours, and produces reports and landmark nominations.  She has appeared on local and national television and radio programs including 10 Parks that Changed American. Julia blogs monthly on various Chicago history topics on her website.