Dear friends,

Last July, a group of friends began to look for a way to honor the wonderful jazz pianist Willie Pickens and his wife, Irma. Great in the world of music, they were also great human beings.
What we came up with is a kind of “Pickens Corner” with Irma and Willie’s home as its focus.

Here is what is about to happen:
1) On October 17, the muralist and friend of the Pickens, Desi Mundo, will begin painting across from the Pickens’ home between the auditorium doors of Ray School. His work will be finished on October 20.
2) Thanks to the cooperation of Alderman Leslie Hairston and her Chief of Staff, Kimberly Webb, the street where Irma and Willie lived for 40 years will be given the honorary street name of Irma and Willie Pickens Way
3) A brass plaque memorializing Irma and Willie will be presented by the Hyde Park Historical Society and attached to their home.

So, with all that done, it is time to celebrate and we invite you to join us:

Please RSVP to Jay Mulberry at

For more information, email or phone 505-629-7532