Hyde Park Historical Society is housed in a building which originally was a waiting room for cable car personnel.

The small, neat brick building which houses the Hyde Park Historical Society began life as a waiting room for the cable cars serving the Hyde Park community and the Worlds Columbian Exposition (1893).

In 1898, no longer needed for selling tickets and waiting for the cars, it was converted to a lunch room. Hearty breakfasts were served to working men every morning, by the proprietors, the Keller brothers and their wives.

Hyde Park Historical Society Building, Formerly Steve’s Lunch


By 1977, the lunchroom known by then as “Steve’s Lunch” was no longer in business. The newly formed Historical Society acquired the building from its owners, Robert and Lucille Rouse, and leased the land underneath from the Illinois Central Railroad.. John Vinci, well-known preservationist architect, restored the interior to its original appearance, pot-bellied stove, paneling, and all.

Today, we await your visit, so that we can transport you more than one hundred years into the past.