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ALICE CHANDLER 1918 - 2011

Admin. Asst. and Office Mgr. Office of the President, University of Chicago
Hyde Park Historical Society Board Member, Treasurer &
 Board Member Emerita

Alice Chandler
  Alice Chandler speaks
                    with Hugo Sonnenschein

Hyde Park Historical Society Board Member, Treasurer & Board Member Emerita Alice Chandler
speaks with Hugo Sonnenschein at the 1996 staff service recognition event during
Sonnenschein's administration at the University of Chicago.
This annual event that celebrates employees' years of service has recently been named after Chandler.
Ted Lacey Photography

Alice Chandler, University employee for more than 75 years, 1918-2011
source:  UCHICAGO NEWS - The University of Chicago website

May 13, 2011
Alice Chandler, a widely treasured colleague, whose University career of more than 75 years included serving as the office manager for the President and Provost s offices, died Thursday, May 12 at the age of 93.

Chandler, a native of Chicago, began working for the University at the age of 16, after she graduated from high school.

-Alice has been a vital part of the President s office and this institution for generations,” said President Robert J. Zimmer. -Her quiet and unshakable dedication to the University inspired all who worked with her, and is one of many gifts she has left to us. We will miss her deeply.”

In recognition of her dedication, the annual staff service recognition ceremony will be named the Alice W. Chandler Staff Service Recognition Ceremony.

-She was very devoted to her work,” said Ingrid Gould, Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs. -She knew how to do everything. There just wasn't any problem that flummoxed her.”

Gould said Chandler routinely arrived at the office by 7am and drove herself to work, even in her later years. She described Chandler as the consummate caretaker, a -mother hen” who cared deeply about solving the problems of people, inside and outside the workplace.

-There were people whom she adopted temporarily,” said Gould. -She was there to get your life on track through the way she lived. She was a shining example of how to live well, how to build a community, how to care about people.”

Chandler loved to travel and go on cruises with her late husband, her son and her daughter-in-law. Her noontime routine included crossword puzzles, which she would squeeze into the morning if she had a lunch scheduled. She also loved cats and had a soft spot for strays.

-People just gravitated to her,” said Gould, who added that Chandler embraced life.

-She would say, ‘I have had a wonderful life. I did not wait to live. -


"It seemed like I had known Alice forever. I thought she was in her late eighties; not in her nineties. Amazing how she was able to continue so energetically until these last weeks.  Forty, or even fifty years ago, we bowled in the same league and Dean would come with her to our banquets at the of the season.  If my memory serves correctly she was also a member of the Credit Union Board on which I served for many years and when I was its President for about ten.
Another Chapter closed."

Claude Weil

(In memory of Alice)

"The beauty has departed, but the grace, humor, and warmth will be with us forever."

Fran Vandervoort



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